Decentralized Global Hashrate Asset Management and Trading Platform
RRMine is Global Hashrate Asset Management and Trading Platform under Hong Kong Superb Grace Limited and provides transparent and decentralized Hashrate Management, settlement and trading services to customers worldwide based on blockchain technology. At present, the hashrate assets managed by RRMine is leading in the world with its business in China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, Australia, and other countries and regions.
RRMine continuously develops and expands globally to ensure people can access standardized Hashrate services in more countries and regions.
RRMine is constructing a decentralized global Hashrate infrastructure to achieve the free movement of Hashrate assets and make everyone comfortable holding Hashrate assets.
Hong Kong Superb Grace Limited
SuperB Grace Limited runs the world’s leading Hashrate trading platform and focuses on the innovation technology and products of the blockchain. It includes RRMine which is the global Hashrate asset management and trading platform and the RRP platform which is the world’s first cross-chain Hashrate settlement system. Moreover, It also joins in the launching of the global Top 100 Hashrate public chain - BHP. Therefore, the entire public chain nodes recorded and stored every Hashrate transaction in the BHP chain and set up a system to offset risk in the Hashrate Trading market.